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Disorders of Consciousness in Psychiatry Network

A new way of thinking about mood disorders.

The Disorders of Consciousness in Psychiatry (DoCiP) Network brings together academic researchers and medical professionals interested in the clinical applications and empirical foundations and testability of a new view of depression and associated mood disorders as disorders of the biological state of wakeful consciousness.


The aim is bring empirical research on traditional 'disorders of consciousness' such as the Minimally Conscious and Persistent Vegetative, and neuroscientific work on the neural signatures of states of consciousness like wakefulness, dreaming and psychedelic states into closer contact with longstanding research in psychiatry on the neurobiological basis of mood disorders like Major Depressive Disorder. 


Its long-term goal is to foster knowledge exchange and long-term collaboration amongst practicing clinical psychiatrists, neuroscientists, mental health charities and philosophers, resulting in a shift in the understanding, treatment and diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder and related mental health conditions.

We are now seeking new collaborators. If you're interested, please get in touch. 

Future Events

Expert Workshop: Empirical Foundations

This workshop brings together psychologists, neuroscients and neurobiologists working on the neural basis of consciousness and mood disorders to examine the challenges and prospects associated with drawing out the predictions of this model of Major Depressive Disorder and building its empirical foundations.

Expert Workshop: Mental Health Charities

This knowledge-exchange workshop brings together experts working in the mental health charitable sector to discuss the obstacles and long term potential of this emerging view of depression as a disorder of consciousness within the charitable sector; examining the ways in which this can help support the central aims and achievements of leading UK mental health charities.

Expert Workshop: Clinical Applications

This knowledge-exchange workshop brings together practicing clinical psychiatrists and medical professionals working on the diagnosis and treatment of depression in the UK to examine the ways in which this way of conceptualising Major Depressive Disorder can have impact in clinical settings.  

DOCIP Network

If you're an academic, clinician, policy maker, or a professional working in the mental health charitable sector and would like information about our work and future events, you can sign up to our mail list here or feel free to get in touch.

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